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What is your approach and style of wedding coverage?

Your wedding is beautiful, a recognition of commitment and love between two people. It represents your style, your perspective, and your relationship. So you don’t need dreamy vintage special effects or windswept vistas to document it. You need the honest story of your day, carefully and artfully captured. That’s what we do.

We notice the details you labored over, the moments of levity and joy, the times of serious reflection, and I capture them in clearest and cleanest way possible. We call this documentary photography rather than photojournalism because my time in the news business tended to focus on the ugly sides of life, while we look for the revelatory, pristine, and stunning grace that exists in every person, every day–but never more so than on your wedding day.

If we do our job well, you’ll hardly notice me and my team. But when you look at the photographs over the next days and years, it will remind both of you of the exact emotion and circumstance of the moments of this special day. We want these images to be a strong and timeless when you show them to your grandchildren as when you review them online during your honeymoon.

What happens with the photography after your wedding?

Even though we strive to create timeless images, we understand the necessity of speed and convenience when it comes to delivering your images. That’s why we offer a 24-48 hour turnaround on a highlights reel of our favorite images of your wedding, delivered in an online album sharable to friends and family. This online gallery will showcase around 20 images that we think capture the essence of your wedding day and can be emailed or shared on the social media site of your choice by anyone you authorize.

Within 3-6 weeks, we will deliver a complete online gallery of edited images from which you can make prints, create albums, or just share online with friends and family. Typically, you can expect our process to result in 50 images per hour, so a typical 8-hour wedding will result in about 400 images. In addition to a sharable online gallery, you will receive high-resolution images of every image on a flash drive along with limited personal printing rights.

We believe the best avenue for telling your wedding story is the wedding album, a chronological embodiment of the ebb and flow of your wedding day. For those who select an album, we will work with you to create a truly unique and compelling photo essay that is converted into an heirloom-quality book which tells the story of your day.

Are you Insured?

Of course. We are fully insured for liability in case anything goes wrong.

What equipment do you use?

We use top-of-the-line Canon digital cameras and lenses for the best possible images regardless of the situation, and we use professional lighting and accessories to make every venue work to your advantage.

Who will photograph our wedding?

Every wedding we book will be shot by Peter, for large weddings, we can include a second full-time shooter as well.

What about engagement photos?

Our approach to engagement sessions mirrors our approach to the wedding itself. We offer 2-3 hour sessions that showcase you and your fiancé interacting honestly doing what you enjoy. Maybe that means horseback riding or a night of fine dining. Maybe it means an afternoon at the beach or the park. We can document you doing what you love together.

Planning Considerations

If photography is important to you, then there are a few things you can do in planning your wedding to make for better photographs:

  • Look for venues with nice natural light. Great photography has two components: Beautiful light and interesting subjects. In a wedding, the subjects—you and your spouse—are inherently compelling. But many churches and reception venues have limited natural light, dark decor, or challenging logistics. We can and do augment the natural light through a variety of techniques, but big windows create that beautiful light are your friend.
  • Pay attention to time of day. Some couples don’t realize that the time of day greatly affects the quality of available light. You don’t want to perform a beachside ceremony at noon–the overhead sunlight makes everyone look like raccoons because of the shadows. Early morning and late afternoon typically create the most pleasing light for photographing people. We have extensive experience shooting in every possible lighting situation, but for the best photos, keep this in mind.
  • Great photography takes time. Creative portrait sessions allow you, the bride and groom, to slow down for an hour or two on your wedding day and remember the intimate connection that brought you to this day. We love capturing that connection, and we love it even more when we have the time necessary to do it well.
  • A wedding doesn’t have to be a hectic dash to the altar, the reception hall, and then off to the honeymoon. We offer extended coverage of the day so that you can spend some time with your family or your bridal party during the day in a relaxed manner, maybe sitting down after you’re all dressed to the nines and enjoying a glass of champagne as you recount the joys and struggles that  got you to this important day.

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